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THE BELMO BOOM Eliminator Tournament


Bowl in your home center and win big during this Belmo Boom Eliminator Tournament!

The Belmo Boom Tournament, powered by Lanetalk, is an Elimination tournament where you need to beat half the field – or you will be eliminated. But don’t worry, All participants are guaranteed a free entry to the upcoming Belmo Boom Tournament PLUS a code to enter an exclusive Q&A chat with Belmo himself. And by the way, we are giving out 50 exclusive Belmo giveaways to random winners. You don’t want to miss this! Use your Open play or League scores in the Lanetalk app to participate. And the best thing is that it’s all for free.

It will kick off with 14 days of Qualifying starting on May 9th. The top 50% of bowlers with the highest game score in will advance to the Quarter Finals. From there, bowlers will have 7 days to get the highest game score to advance to the Semi-Finals. At the completion of the Semi-Finals the top 20 bowlers with the highest game score from each of the two divisions will move on to the Grand Finale where everyone will win cash prizes!
Bowlers on All skill levels are welcome to participate.


Format, Schedule & Prize fund distribution


  • 6 week Worldwide Online tournament, played in the Lanetalk app
  • Two divisions/groups: Scratch and Handicap
  • 1 game, Eliminator format, 50% moves on (in each of the 2 groups)
  • Unlimited re-entries. Best score is kept on the Leaderboard.
  • Make sure to have 20 or more games in your app profile to utilize the LHCP feature to gain a handicap which can be used in the Handicap division.
  • The tournament can be played at any of the 900 participant host centers
Qualifying3 weeks
Quarter Finals1 week
Semi-Finals1 week
Grand Finale1 week
May 9th – May 29th Qualifying 50% moves on
May 30rd – June 5th Quarter Finals 50% moves on
June 6th – June 12th Semi-Finals Top 20 in each division moves on (total 40)
June 15th – June 19th Grand Finale Play and Record your single attempt
June 30th The group winners are revealed at the Bowl Expo!
Tournament Prize fund
  • $ A $30,000 total prize fund. Distributed accordingly to the amount of participants in each division. Guaranteed first position in scratch is $4,000 and $2,000 in the HCP division. A minimum of 30% ratio will be assigned to the smallest group.
  • $ Random winners of 50 unique Belmo Boom Coolwick jerseys during the Qualifying weeks
  • $ A Total prize fund of $30,000 where $20,000 is cash and $10,000 awarded in products
  • $ Bonus for ALL participants:
    1. A code to join a Q&A Zoom call with Belmo himself!
    2. Free entry to the first Paid Belmo BOOM tournament on Lanetalk!
Position Scratch Handicap
#1 $4,000 $2,000
#2 $2,000 $1,000
#3 $1,500 $800
#4 $1,200 $600
#5 $1,000 $500
#6 $800 $400
#7 $600 $300
#8 $500 $250
#9 $400 $200
#10 $300 $150
#11 $100 $50
#12 $100 $50
#13 $100 $50
#14 $100 $50
#15 $100 $50
#16 $100 $50
#17 $100 $50
#18 $100 $50
#19 $100 $50
#20 $100 $50
TOTAL $13,300 $6,700 $20,000

The final cash prize distribution will be presented as soon as the Qualifying weeks has been completed and the assignment will be made according to the participation in each group. The smallest group (Scratch or LHCP group) will have a minimum of 30% of the total prize fund. There will be a minimum of $6,000 in total assigned to the smallest group. Cash prizes will be paid out after performing legally binding verifications in compliance with US and European tax laws. (including filling in a W9 form for US tax residents). Payouts will be made using the international SWIFT bank wire transfer system.