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THE BELMO BOOM Eliminator Tournament



IMPORTANT. Please read the Contest Rules carefully as they constitute a legally binding contract between you and Lanetalk, the tournament organizer. All suspicious scoring activity, including but not limited to, frame adjustments, will be evaluated on a case by case basis by Lanetalk and could result in disqualification from the current event and any future Lanetalk competitions.


  • Must be 18 years of age or older to participate.
  • All games must be bowled at an official host center to qualify.
  • Employees of Lanetalk, or any tournament sponsors are not permitted to participate.
  • Employees of any participating official host center are not eligible to participate at their center of employment. They may participate from a center where they are not employed.
  • Scores with any manual adjustments will be disqualified.
  • Bowler can participate in any of the 2 divisions, but can only take one position in the top 20.

The detailed rules includes information on how tie is managed in the contest.


How does the Lanetalk Global Handicap (LHCP) work?

It’s Lanetalk’s new great global handicap system that let you compete with bowlers all over the world.

All bowlers that have 20 games or more (competition or matches games during the last 12 months) in their app profile, are able to use the LHCP feature and compete in the LHCP division in the tournament. It can be practice, league play or open play scores that you have logged to your profile. If you haven’t logged any games yet, make sure to add your old scores by following this step-by-step guide on how to add scores to your profile.

The LHCP system is designed to help you to get closer to 250 points, by adding up to 50 extra points to your game. It’s a great help, but it won’t take you beyond 250 points. You will have to manage that by yourself. The games in your Lanetalk profile will calculate a LHCP handicap for you.

Bowlers are able to compete in two divisions in this tournament; Scratch and LHCP. The new handicap system is only available for players that are joining the LHCP division.

Do you want to know more about how the LHCP feature works? Open the Lanetalk app, tap the PROFILE icon, then tap the yellow LHCP box to learn more about how it works and to see your personal LHCP points. Read more about the LHCP feature

Why does LHCP only help me get to 250 and not 300?

The global handicap system is designed to add more thrill and excitement to the game and to attract more bowlers to compete in worldwide tournaments. With the LHCP activated, bowlers get more engaged to compete and have a better chance to master the leaderboards.

We want to grow the sport and represent sportsmanship and we want to encourage bowlers to find their grit, work hard work and become even stronger players. We are always looking for fair play and the 250 roof is there to avoid the temptation of cheating and balancing it between providing an advantage and equalize the the chances of winning.

The goal is, like in any handicap system, to make it possible for less experienced participants to win whilst maintaining fairness. We want to encourage fairness and grit at the same time as we want as many participants as possible shall be able to enjoy the sport that we love.

How to add old games to my profile?

As a bowler, you are able to import old games to your personal profile.

If you haven’t logged any games yet, make sure to add your old scores by following this simple step-by-step guide on how to add scores to your profile.

How to activate your local center in the tournament?